ISIS second in command killed in Mosul

Audio recording from spokesperson of ISIS al Adnani reveals ISIS second-in-command has been killed in Mosul

Photo by: Twitter
Photo by: Twitter

A photo of ISIS second-in-command Fadel al-Hayali

According to the audio recording of ISIS spokesperson Abu Mohamed Al Adnani, ISIS’ second-in-command, Fadel al Hayali - also known as Haji Moataz - has been killed in an air strike in Mosul in August.

By describing him as "Baghdad military emir and emir of Ninawa province," US has claimed that al Hayali has been killed while travelling in a vehicle near Mosul in August.

A senior official with the American-led coalition said “This time we are 100 percent certain.”

“We have multiple confirmations he was in the car at the moment of the strike.”

ISIS’ second-in-command, al Hayali had been lieutenant colonel in the army of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein and served in the government's military intelligence and special forces units.

Iraqi army also claimed that Iraq hit a convoy carrying ISIS leader Abu Bakr al Baghdadi.

"The Iraqi air force carried out a heroic operation by striking al-Baghdadi's convoy while he was on his way to attend a meeting with senior ISIS leaders in Karabelah," Iraqi army has declared.

"The location of the meeting was also bombed and many of the group's leaders were killed and wounded. The fate of murderer al Baghdadi is unknown and he was carried away by a vehicle. His health condition is still unclear," the army also added.

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