Israel carries out raids on Palestinian land

Israeli forces raid Palestinian territories and demolish homes

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Palestinian protesters run away as an Israeli military bulldozer attacks a road block

Updated Aug 26, 2015

Israeli forces have destroyed two homes that were being built in Jabal al Mukabir, south of the Old city in occupied East Jerusalem, early on Tuesday morning. 

The main street going into the village was blocked off prior to the demolition of the two homes belonging to two brothers, Muhammad and Khalid al Abbasi, according to the Ma’an news agency.

Witnesses told the news agency that four bulldozers carried out the destruction along with Israeli military vehicles present on the site.

Before the destruction of the homes, there was no warning, according to the al Abbasi brothers. The homes were nearly completed and measured 140 and 120 square metres.

"The family was supposed to move into the houses next week," Muhammad al Abbasi told Ma’an.

Khalid Abbasi told official Palestinian news website Wafa that the two homes would have been lived in by 12 family members, as both brothers have been living in their father's home with their families for the past six years.

He said that they had spent around 700,000 shekels ($181,000) in construction expenses, adding "we need to work for almost 10 years to cover our debts incurred by the construction of the two homes."

A local official said that 150 demolition orders are pending in Jabal al Mukabir.

In a separate incident, Israeli armoured vehicles entered the Gaza Strip. Israeli forces have repeatedly made incursions into the Gaza Strip over the past years and continually opened fire to those who got close to the border,’’buffer zone.’’

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) stated that 27 shooting incidents, incursions into the territory and an arrest had been counted, including 18 shootings on land and at sea leaving nine Palestinian's injured in July alone.

According to the Israel rights group, the Association for Civil Rights in Israel, Jewish residents are continuing to take over Palestinian territories and buildings with the help of Israeli forces due to government policies, and it is nearly impossible for Palestinian residents to obtain building permits.

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