Israel delays Khdeir trial despite suspect’s confession

Abu Hudayr, father of Palestinian teenager burned to death, says punishment of killer seems to take long time

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The trial of the three suspects in brutally killing the 16-year-old Palestinian teeganer Muhammed Abu Khdeir, who was burned to death on July 2014 after being kidnapped in Jerusalem by Israeli settlers, still doesn’t come to a decision.

Yosef Haim Ben-David (29), the main suspect in brutally killing Khdeir, confirmed his confession on Sunday during police interrogation and claimed he is ‘’the messiah.’’

Abu Hudayr, father of Muhammad, said the court doesn’t rule on a decision to stall them.

‘’A month later, a year will pass through the killing of my son, but the judges held the trial today to hear the confessions of the murderers. If the murderers were from Arabs, making the decision wouldn’t take two months,’’ he said.

The three suspects in burning Khdeir to death went on trial in Jerusalem district court on Wednesday.

The court delayed the trial to collect evidence to evaluate the testaments of the criminals after hearing the lawyers.  No statement was made regarding the postponement of the trial date

Khdeir was kidnapped in a street in East Jerusalem by Israeli settlers who laid in wait and forced him into a car.

The settlers brutally burned him to death in a forest on July 2, 18 days after three Israeli settlers were found dead after being lost on June 12  in West Bank.

Three days after the brutal killing of Khdeir, his 15-year-old Palestinian-American cousin, Tarek Abu Khdeir, was beaten and detained by Israeli police in an assault caught on camera. After all, he was allowed to return to the United States.

Another one of his cousins, a 19-year-old who has the same name as him and an American citizen, was arrested by Israeli police in a protest on July 28.

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