Israel kills young Palestinian woman at checkpoint

Israeli soldier kills 18 year old Palestinian girl refusing to show her face by lifting her veil upon request

Photo by: Facebook
Photo by: Facebook

IDF soldier halts 18 year old Palestinian girl before she has been shot at the checkpoint

Palestinian young woman Hadil Hashlamoun has been shot and killed by an Israeli soldier at an Israel checkpoint in Hebron near the entrance to Shuhada street on Tuesday, refusing to show her face while heading to school.

Furthermore, the soldier did not let paramedics approach the wounded girl after he shot her. The 18 year-old died of her wounds in the Sharee Zedek Medical Centre later in the day.

The hospital spokesperson said that Hadil had been terribly injured, and underwent surgey upon her arrival.

Salah Hashlamoun who is the father of Hadil has said that "three operations were performed on my daughter, a part of her intestines had to be removed. But the bullet in her chest was what killed her."

According to local Palestinian media report, she has been shot after she refused to lift her veil and show her face upon request of the Israeli soldiers.  They have shot her for 10 times. Medical personal had not been let through by Israeli army for 30 minutes.

The Israeli army claimed that she attempted to stab one of its soliders and the Israeli forces responded with fire.

However, photos taken by the Youth Against Settlements proves that the claims of the Israel army that the teenager was trying to stab the soldier is baseless.

صور حصرية : تسلسل إطلاق الرصاص على المواطنه هديل صلاح الهشلمون التي يتدعي الجيش انها حاولت طعن جندي . See the photos before and after the shooting of the Palestinian woman in Hebron .

Posted by Youth Against Settlements شباب ضد الاستيطان on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

One of the group member has said that she made no attempt to stab a soldier.

On Saturday, the Israeli soldiers broke into the home of Moammar ‘Ayyad, in Silwad town and attacked his family with rifles and batons, while illegaly and violently searching the property causing excessive damage and kidnapping one Palestinian.

The incident came after a policy shift authorized by Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein allowing Israeli police and soldiers to use snipers to stone throwers. However, Israeli police and soldiers are restricted to use snipers if the stone throwers endanger the lives of people in cars or houses.

Even with the existing restrictions, the policy has lead to death of more kids. In July, 17 year-old Mohammed Kasbeh, was shot and killed for throwing rocks at an Israeli army commander’s vehicle. Notebly, Commander Col Yisrael Shomer said that he fired becuase he feared for his life when kids threw rocks at him.

However the claims of Israelis that authorized weapons police and soldiers use are non-lethal, during the second-intifada in Palestine those weapons killed a number of youth in the West Bank.

Third intifada approaching

As the Israeli soldiers and settlers’ violence rising in occupied East Jarusalem, Palestinian Authority leader Mahmoud Abbas has warned of risk of a new intifada.

In recent weeks tensions have turned violent after Israel settlers and police broke into third holy place for muslims, Al Aqsa, and one of the most prominent Muslim leaders for Palestinian people, Raed Salah, has also warned of a possible new Palestinian uprising, which is widely known as "intifada".

According to the Hague Regulation of 1907 demand that military and occupation forces protect and preserve holy places (article 55 & 56) and the Geneva Convention of 1949 require military and occupation forces to preserve the religious freedom of the civilian population.

Despite those regulations and conventions, Israel have destroyed and converted some holy places according to Palestine Remembered, a website documenting what has happened to each destroyed Palestinian village during 1948 fighting.

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