Israel to protect Jewish settlers on Gaza border

Israel prepares a program for the evacuation of Jewish settlers on the Gaza border in case of war

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Towns located within 7 kilometers of the Gaza strip are programmed to be evacuated by the Israeli government for a proper defense in case of a war with Hamas, Jerusalem post has reported.

Each town will independently have its own evacuation plan and residents will know how to react in case they are asked to evacuate. The maps of the evacuation plans are prepared and the Israeli army will be authorized to determine the evacuation time.

By implementing this program, the Israeli army aims to avoid civilian casualties during the war on its front.

The plan includes providing Jewish settlers with bus shuttles, tent houses and space for the military. 

The Israeli army claims responsibility for the safety and protection of communities during a potential war.

Preparations of the Israeli army evokes a potential war between Israel and Hamas ten months after Operation Protective Edge.

According to Anadolu Agency, Israeli opposition leader and member of parliament, Isaac Herzog, warned of a new round of confrontation between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, saying it was only a "matter of a few months" before another military standoff between the arch-foes.

In July and August of last year, Israel launched a weeks-long offensive on the Gaza Strip with the stated aim of staunching rocket fire from the blockaded coastal enclave.

Over 2,160 Palestinians, mostly civilians, were killed – and some 11,000 were injured – in the offensive, which finally ended with a cease-fire deal signed in Cairo.

At least 73 Israelis – 68 soldiers and five civilians – were also killed during the conflict, which also saw 2,522 Israelis injured, including 740 military personnel.

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