Israel reveals previously unpublished Eichmann papers

Israel's President Rivlin shares previously unreleased papers including handwritten note for mercy from Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann shows on a map the locations of the extermination camps in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe, during the first day of his 1961 trial in an Israeli court in Jerusalem.

Israel's President Reuven Rivlin made public on Wednesday previously unreleased documents including a hand written compassion note by Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann.

The documents were published during International Holocaust Remembrance Day ceremony at his official Jerusalem residence.

"There is a need to draw a line between the leaders responsible and the people like me forced to serve as mere instruments in the hands of the leaders," Rivlin's office quotes Eichmann as saying in his letter.

"I was not a responsible leader, and as such do not feel myself guilty," he adds.

"I am not able to recognise the court's ruling as just, and I ask, Your Honour Mr President, to exercise your right to grant pardons, and order that the death penalty not be carried out."

Eichmann stated in his letter he was a "mere instrument" for leaders who were in charge of the killing of 6 million Jews during World War Two.

The letter was signed and dated: "Adolf Eichmann Jerusalem, May 29, 1962."

He was hanged on May 31, two days after he signed the letter.

A spokesman for Rivlin said, "The handwritten letter has not been seen since it was filed away in the (presidential) archives."

Eichmann was one of the key actors of the Nazis' "Final Solution," and he controlled the gathering and deportation of Jews to death camps.

After World War Two, he escaped to Argentina in 1950, He lived there under a nickname until he was captured by Israeli Intelligence Agency, Mossad, in Buenos Aires in May 1960 and was taken to Israel.

He was found guilty on all charges, including war crimes and crimes against the Jewish people.

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