Israel to investigate death of Palestinian shot dead

Israel said it will investigate death of Palestinian shot dead by security forces after attempting an alleged stabbing spree

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Israeli police officers look for evidences near the scene of a stabbing attack on March 8, 2016

Israel said on Thursday that it will investigate the death of a Palestinian that was shot dead by Israeli security forces, after he allegedly went on a stabbing spree earlier this week.

The Palestinian teen was accused of running through the ancient city of Jaffa with a knife while stabbing people on his way, until he was shot by Israeli Forces.

Bashar Masalha, 22, was reported to have killed one American and wounded several others on Tuesday.

Israel’s Justice Ministry said that the checks are routine and conducted after every shooting incident by police.

A video emerged from the scene of the shooting, showing the attacker lying in blood on the ground as Israeli onlookers told forces to shoot him “in the head,” while local sources reported that security officials intentionally left him to bleed by preventing ambulances from entering the scene.

In a separate incident, relatives of the Palestinian were revoked from residency in Jerusalem following the incident.

After Palestine was forcefully overtaken by Israel in 1967, many Palestinians have been revoked of their citizenship.

Only a very few percent of Palestinians are given residency permits allowing them to work in certain areas.

Israel has been criticised of using excessive force in dealing with the alleged stabbing attempts, where Palestinian deaths took a rise since October last year.

The bloodshed since then has claimed the lives of at least 190 Palestinians and some 28 Israelis, additionally a high number of Palestinians were also killed in protests against Israeli forces.

Relatives of Palestinian Ahmad Aamer, 16, who was shot dead by Israeli soldiers, mourn during his funeral in the West Bank village of Masha near Salfit March 9, 2016.

Israeli police spokeswoman Luba Samri said that authorities have arrested about 250 Palestinians from the West Bank who were expected to have permits to be there.

Police also arrested 30 Israelis who allegedly assisted Palestinians from entering into the West Bank.

The attack in Jaffa took place as US Vice President, Joe Biden, was on a visit to Israel, meeting former Israeli President Shimon Peres.

Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, offered his condolences for an American that had died in the incident and stressed that Israel has killed nearly 200 Palestinians during the current round of violence.

In a press conference with the visiting Romanian president Thursday, Abbas said he opposes "violence, extremism and terrorism regardless of its source."

Palestinians say the recent violence is the result of frustration from nearly half-a-century of occupation and they accuse Israel of using excessive force to suppress the unrest.

Palestinian authorities have emphasised that the younger generation has no hope for their future living under tight Israeli security measures and a weak economy.

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