Israeli air strikes target Gaza Strip

Israeli jets target Beit Hanoun in Gaza Strip following alleged rocket fire

Photo by: AFP (Archive)
Photo by: AFP (Archive)

Palestinians look at damage caused by an Israeli air strike targeting camp belonging to Hamas in the northern Gaza Strip September 19, 2015.

The Israeli Air Force hit four Hamas military targets in Gaza early on Saturday morning in response to alleged rocket fire from Gaza.

Four empty facilities in Beit Hanoun and southern Gaza were targeted in the Israeli air strikes, causing damage but no casualties.

Israeli forces said in a statement that its "aircraft targeted two Hamas military training facilities and two military sites in the Gaza Strip.”

“Hamas responsible and accountable for all attacks emanating from the Gaza Strip," the statement wrote.

Israel walked out of the peace talks after Palestinians announced the formation of a joint government with the Hamas political party, which has governed the Gaza Strip since 2007. Hamas is deemed by Israel to be a “terrorist” organisation.

The collapse of the talks led to a brief war between Israel and Hamas in the summer of 2014, which killed over 2,200 Palestinians - mostly civilians, including 504 children.

Meanwhile, 72 Israelis, mostly soldiers, were also killed. The unity government was later dissolved in June 2015.