Israeli army kills Palestinian over alleged stabbing attack

Israel army says soldiers shot dead Palestinian after alleged stabbing attack in West Bank

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Israeli soldiers keep guard near the scene of an alleged shooting attack at an Israeli military checkpoint near the West Bank city of Ramallah on January 31, 2016

Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian after an alleged stabbing attack in the West Bank on Monday, the Israeli Army said.

The army stated that the Palestinian tried to enter Salit, a Jewish settlement, and “When security forces approached the suspect, he tried to stab them, and facing an imminent threat, the soldiers shot him."

No Israeli’s was injured.

It was the latest Palestinian death in the months-long unrest in the Israeli-occupied West Bank.

On Sunday, another Palestinian was shot dead after allegedly opening fire on a group of Israelis near a Jewish-only settlement in West Bank.

In recent months, protests against the ongoing Israeli occupation have increased in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and the Gaza Strip.

Since October, more than 165 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces, while about 25 Israelis have been killed by Palestinians during the same period.

Most of the Palestinians killed have been teenagers as young as 12 - some of whom were killed by armed Israeli civilians, and others by Israeli Security Forces who usually allege Palestinians of attempting attacks.

Palestinians say that the recent violence is the result of frustration from nearly half-a-century of occupation and they accuse Israel of using excessive force to suppress the unrest, while Israel says the unrest has been caused by a provocation surrounding the holy site of Al Aqsa Mosque compound.

Palestinian authorities say that the younger generation has no hope for their future, living under tight Israeli security measures.

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