Israeli police accused of abusing Palestinian minor

13 year old Palestinian child seen in leaked footage being repeatedly screamed at, verbally abused during Israeli police interrogation

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Thirteen-year-old Ahmed Manasrah, a Palestinian from Beit Hanina in northern Jerusalem, sits in his hospital bed at Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem, in this handout picture released from the Israeli Government Press Office (GPO) October 15, 2015.

Israeli police accused of abusing a Palestinian boy in custory, after footage leaked online on Tuesday showed the Palestinian minor being repeatedly screamed at and verbally abused to confess he intentionally went after Jewish settlers to stab them. 

The Palestinian child, 13 year old Ahmed Manasrah had a nervous breakdown and was heard saying "Enough, enough, I will say whatever you want, but I don't remember anything," on the leaked video.

Israeli police spokeswoman Luba Samri said the investigation was conducted "with professionalism and without bias," the AP news agency reported. However, the little boy’s interrogation was made in a closed room, without either his parents or his lawyer, which is illegal.

Manasrah was on trial for allegedly attacking Israeli citizens in occupied East Jerusalem and charged with two counts of attempted murder. The footage showed the Israeli police using what activists described as  "intimidating" tactics.

Ahmed Manasrah’s cousin Hassan, 15, stabbed two Israelis, aged 20 and 13 at the Pisgat Zeev settlement, in mid-October, he was later shot to death and Ahmed was ran over by car on the spot.

Both Israelis survived the attack, while Ahmed was seen in another video, lying in a puddle of his own blood for hours in front of the police and by-passers, who in turn screamed racial slurs and insults to the injured boy.

After the alleged attack, police shot Hassan dead and a passing car ran over Manasrah. The two Israelis survived their wounds. A nearby man was heard shouting things at Manasrah such as "die, die, son of a b***h" in both Arabic and Hebrew.

Second video

The interrogation video came to remind the masses on social media about Manasrah’s case, with Arabic speaking Israeli policemen pressuring the boy to confess attempting to "murder Jews" and "aiding an enemy at the time of war".

Manasrah -who broke in tears- was seen hitting his own head that had suffered a great deal of injuries, and begged the policemen to stop interrogating him, and that he agrees on anything they’re saying.

The boy said he does not fully understand what the policemen were asking, and what they wanted to hear, but he was willing to say whatever they wanted so they can stop.

The officer then shouts at him, saying "shut up" and "I will show you … if you don't answer,"

"Enough, enough, I will say whatever you want, but I don't remember anything," Manasrah is heard saying.

Tariq Bargouthi, Manasrah's lawyer, said that Ahmed is “just a little boy," and did not deliberately stab anyone. Lawyer Lea Tsemel, who is also representing Manasrah, said she may contest the investigation based on the manner of questioning seen in the video.

"You cannot terrify, or threaten, or tempt, for the purpose of achieving a confession," she said, according to AP.

Manasrah's case was postponed on Tuesday and scheduled to resume on November 26.

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