Israeli police kill 13-year-old Palestinian girl

Israeli police shot dead 13-year-old Palestinian girl after alleged stabbing attempt in Israeli-occupied West Bank of Palestine

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

An Israeli border police officer aims his weapon at protesters during a demonstration against the Israeli settlements and demanding for free movement for the Palestinians, near a checkpoint in the West Bank city of Bethlehem

A 13-year-old Palestinian girl, Ruqayya Abu Eid, has been shot dead by an Israeli security guard after an alleged stabbing attack in the Israeli-occupied West Bank of Palestine on Saturday.

Israeli police spokeswoman Luba Samiri said, the investigation indicated that the teenage girl "had fought with her family and left her home with a knife and intending to die."

Israeli spokeswoman Samiri, also added that Ruqayya’s father was arrested shortly after she was killed by Israeli police.

Ruqayya's family confirmed her death but her mother, Reeda Abu Eid, contradicted the police and said she had no problems when she left home, a tent in Anata village of occupied West Bank.

"Her father works in a farm and Ruqayya used to go to him. I didn't see her when she left so I expected she had gone to her father," she said. "Ruqayya is a small girl, how could she stab someone?"

Since October, Israeli forces have killed about 150 Palestinians while 25 Israeli illegal settlers and police were also killed in confrontations. 

Recently, pointing out the high number of Palestinian deaths, Sweden’s Foreign Ministry has called for an independent investigation into whether Israel carried out "extrajudicial killings," despite Israel’s harsh criticism.

Illegal Israeli settlements in occupied Palestinian territories are highly controversial and recognised as illegal housing by most countries.

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