Israeli police officer kills two Palestinians

Israeli police officer shoots two Palestinian men dead after they allegedly attempt to carry out stabbing attack

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A man takes a photo with his mobile phone at the scene at Damascus gate entrance to Jerusalem's walled Old City

Updated Oct 15, 2015

An Israeli police officer shot dead two Palestinian men on Wednesday afternoon after they rushed past a checkpoint near Jerusalem's Damascus Gate.

More than a dozen shots were fired at the Palestinian men after they allegedly ran from officers who were yelling at them to stop.

After being shot the Palestinian men fell to the ground and died at the entrance of the Damascus Gate, which is located in Palestinian East Jerusalem, raising the Palestinian death toll to at least 32.

A few moments before the incident Israeli police stopped three Palestinian men nearby.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld wrote on his Twitter account that the men were shot after an "attempted stabbing attack," adding that  "Police respond at the scene. Attacker shot."

Tensions have recently led to clashes in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, following the entry of Israeli security forces to Haram Al Sharif, blocking the entry of Muslims by force to the old city of Jerusalem.

The violence has included incidents of stabbings, targeting both Israeli and Palestinian civilians.

Bodies of Palestinian men won't be returned for burial at home

The bodies of the dead Palestinian men shot on Wednesday will not be delivered home to their families for burial.

Israel's Internal Security Minister Gilad Erdan said that “the bodies of dead Palestinian attackers should not be returned to their families for burial.”

Gilad Erdan also said there will be no funerals for “Palestinians who killed Israelis,” as those funerals often turn into "an exhibition of support for terror and incitement to murder."

Israel's military announced on Wednesday that it will begin to deploy hundreds of fully armed troops and personnel across Israeli cities and the occupied territories.

The move came on the same day armed Israeli settlers shot at Palestinian homes with live bullets in the village of Wad al Hisn in the Hebron area, under the protection of Israeli police who detained nine Palestinians while ransacking homes.

Israel's security cabinet has issued a decision to deploy its army and has authorised Israeli police to seal off Arab sectors of East Jerusalem following increased attacks between Jews and Arabs.

Israeli stabs another Israeli thinking he was an Arab

An Israeli Jew on Tuesday stabbed another Israeli mistakenly thinking he was an Arab, according to local media reports.

The incident, in which the man mistakenly stabbed another Israeli Jew in a parked car, took place in the north of the city of Haifa. The stabbed man is reported to be in a critical condition.

Israeli officials said the incident was an apparently misdirected hate crime.

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