Israeli soldiers beat unarmed Palestinian

Video shows unarmed Palestinian was beaten by Israeli soldiers during confrontation

Photo by: Palestine TV
Photo by: Palestine TV

Updated Jul 28, 2015

A group of Israeli soldiers have repeatedly beaten an unarmed Palestinian man in front of cameras after firing gas bombs at his home in the al Jalazoun refugee camp near the West Bank town of Ramallah.

As Shadi al Ghabbashy, the Palestinian man, tried to halt the soldiers, they continued kicking and beating him, footage posted on Palestine TV showed.

The young man is seen being violently attacked and hit by the Israeli soldiers for nearly ten minutes, while another soldier is seen striking him on his head with the butt of his rifle and another punching him in the face.

Ali Dar Ali, a correspondent of the Palestine TV, reported that while al-Ghabbashy was heavily bleeding from his head, in addition to several parts of his body, they took him to an Israeli military base in the illegal settlement of Bet El.

The soldiers also harmed several Palestinian cars in the area as they fired rubber-coated metal bullets randomly and used the cars as shields against the Palestinians during a confrontation.

At least 10 Palestinians were wounded and many others were effected by tear gas inhalition during the incident on Friday.

The Israeli army said on Saturday it was investigating the circumstances of the incident.

“Those involved will be brought before the brigade commander tomorrow for a continuing inquiry and investigation, and disciplinary action will be taken against them if need be,” said the army in a statement.

“According to an initial investigation, it seems the [soldiers] behavior was inconsistent with that which is expected of IDF soldiers,” it added.

The Jalazoun refugee camp is home to over 11,000 registered Palestinians displaced from 36 villages in the Lid and Ramla areas. It was one of the first camps built for internally displaced Palestinians in 1948.

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