"Israel's settlement policy seriously endangers two-state solution"

US Secretary of State John Kerry says the United States had appealed to Israel in public and private to stop the construction of settlements on Palestinian land countless times.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Illegally-built Israeli houses are seen in the West Bank Jewish settlement of Maale Adumim. The Palestinian village of Al-Eizariya looks on.

Updated Jan 9, 2017

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas on Wednesday stated that he is ready to resume peace talks with Israel if it halts its settlement construction.

The minute the Israeli government agrees to cease all settlement activities... and agrees to implement the signed agreements on the basis of mutual reciprocity, the Palestinian leadership stands ready to resume permanent status negotiations on the basis of international law and relevant international legality resolutions... under a specified timeframe."

The comments comes after United States (US) Secretary of State John Kerry said settlements on Palestinian land endangered a two-state solution.

In a 70-minute speech made on Wednesday in Washington, Kerry said there will never be peace between Israelis and Palestinians unless they are living in their own states.

TRT World's Muhannad Alami reports from Ramallah.

Kerry said despite the best efforts of US president Barack Obama's administration, a two-state solution is now in serious jeopardy and this lead the US to abstain on a UN Security Council resolution criticising Israel.

TRT World's Colin Campbell is in Washington with more details on Kerry's peace plan for Israel and Palestine.

Following Kerry's speech, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu criticised him and blamed the Palestinians for the decades-long conflict.

US President-elect Donald Trump has let his thoughts be known about the state of US-Israel relations.

Netanyahu has since tweeted back, thanking Trump.