Jordan discusses legitimacy of Muslim Brotherhood

Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood ready to renew its ‘community statute’ licence as Jordanian PM Abdullah Ensour says Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan illegal

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood declared to be ready to renew its “community statute” licence following the remarks of Jordan’s Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour as “Ikhwan [Muslim Brotherhood] in Jordan is illegal. It does not have licence of community statute and missed the right of legitimacy.”

Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood told in a written statement that “The organisation always carries out its work in a formal way and ready to renew its formal procedures as many other organisations in the country.”

The organisation said that in fact the PM knows about many organisations which work in different areas in the country but does not raise voice.

‘’The organisation have been working for its people and its country for 70 years. This is not a marginal or isolated movement from people,” Hammam Saeed, secretary general of Jordan’s Muslim Brotherhood, said in a press release.

The statement also pointed out that patriotism ranks in priority for the movement and works with non-governmental logic, it is not anybody's extension, but rather a Jordanian national movement.

Muslim Brotherhood first emerged in Jordan in 1945 inspired by and connected to its Egyptian counterpart supporting the Palestinian cause, and Syrian-origin Abdul Latif Abu Qura became its first general supervisor. Since then it has become a prominent and influential actor in Jordan politics.

The Muslim Brotherhood of Jordan established its political wing under the banner of the Islamic Action Front and achieved considerable success while most of political parties and movements, such as Hizb ut-Tahrir,  were banned for a long time.

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