Kurdish Regional Government gets own seat in EU talks

The Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) announces it will have its own seat during the European Union talks instead of sharing seat reserved for the state of Iraq

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The KRG’s EU mission advisor Zana Kurda announced that the Iraqi Kurdish government won a seat in the EU peace talks after years of having only one seat reserved for the state of Iraq.

“Now that we are included, our people can express their wishes, make their own demands, objections and have influence," said Kurda, commenting on the EU decision.

The EU decision to include the Kurdish government in talks with Iraq will allow them to take part in decisions regarding trade, human rights and energy sources.

"If something is decided, our representative will also be present, so that's very positive." Said Dellawar Ajgeiy, ‎‎‎the KRG’s representative in Brussels.

The EU released a statement regarding Iraq after Thursday’s Baghdad car bombing that killed 21, saying the “Humanitarian state is constantly worsening amid donor fatigue,” According to Reuters.

The KRG has gained greater international visibility since the beginning of a war against ISIS last summer.

The war has devastated several locations in Iraq and Syria including Kobane and mount Sinjar where the native Yazidi population suffered a spree of killings, rapes and kidnappings by ISIS.

Kurdish fighters defeated a large group of ISIS fighters who attacked a Peshmerga position on Mount Shingal on Friday, the Kurdish fighters have been described as the most reliable by US army forces.

At least one Peshmerga fighter was killed by ISIS during the attack, however dozens of ISIS fighters were also killed, according to the Kurdish news website Rudaw.​

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