Kuwait media: Giant arms cache brought from Iran to Kuwait

Two Kuwaiti newspapers report that huge amounts of arms seized in houses near Iraqi border were actually smuggled from Iran

Updated Aug 17, 2015

Kuwaiti authorities seized on Thursday a huge amount of arms including a total of 19,000 kilograms(kg) of ammunition, 144 kg of explosives, 68 weapons, and 204 grenades, ‘’the largest in the country’s history,’’ hidden beneath homes near the Iraqi border following the arrest of three suspected men who were the owners of home. 

Kuwait's Anba newspaper reported that the weapons had been smuggled across the border from Iraq for members of an Iranian-backed Hezbollah cell to use.

However, both al Rai and al Qabas newspapers also confirmed on Sunday that the armaments were brought into Kuwait by sea from Iran. They explained that the new information came from confessions made by the arrested men during interrogations.

Anathor Kuwait daily Al Rai mentioned that "the suspects have disclosed that there is a direct Iranian line in supplying weapons to Kuwait by sea," but the minister of internal affairs rejected to comment on the issue.

According to al Jarida,  Iranian Revolutionary Guards had trained militants of the cell a year ago, along with citizens from Saudi Arabia and Bahrain, on the use of weapons and explosives, at an unnamed Red Sea island.

The newspaper also added that the trainees reached the island via a port under the control of Yemeni Houthis whom hold the control of most of northern Yemen.

Consiting of an overwhelmingly Sunni Muslim majority, Kuwait has been on alert since a suicide bomber killed 27 people in an attack on a Shiite Muslim mosque in the capital Kuwait City.

Kuwait's interior minister says his country is fighting against harsh militants who are trying to stoke sectarian tensionin in Kuwait.

Gulf Arab governments raised their concerns after the recent nuclear accord between Tehran and Washington which they perceive it could encourage Iran to heighten its support for paramilitary groups like Hezbollah across the Middle East,in order to spread its geopolitical and military influence.

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