Lebanon arrests six suspects in Beirut bombings

Five Syrians and one Palestinian have been arrested by Lebanese authorities on suspicion of involvment in double explosion in central Beirut which caused 43 deaths

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Lebanese authorities imprisoned five Syrians and one Palestinian suspected of being involved in the twin suicide bombings that took place in central Beirut on Thursday, which killed 43 people.

DAESH claimed responsibility over the blasts that took place in a busy residential and commercial area, a stronghold for Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah.

A senior security source said that "Within 24-hours the network was arrested in the fastest uncovering of a bombing incident in the country."

As the Iran-backed group steps up its involvement in the war in neighbouring Syria, the bombings which aimed Hezbollah stronghold were the first attacks in more than a year in Lebanon.

DAESH posted an online statement sayin its members blew up a bike loaded with explosives in Borj al Barajneh and when people gathered, a suicide bomber exploded among them and killed 40 others, the group said.

To support Syrian regime leader Bashar al Assad’s forces in the four-year-old conflict over the border, Hezbollah has sent hundreds of fighters.

Hezbollah and Iranian troops backed by government forces have increased their fight against mostly Sunni insurgents since Russia initiated an air campaign on September 30 to support Assad.  

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