Lebanon seeks EU help to deal with refugee crisis

The population of some Lebanese towns has swelled with the arrival of Syrian refugees, threatening to collapse the country’s already strained infrastructure.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Syrian refugees fill containers and bottles with water at a makeshift settlement in Bar Elias town, in the Bekaa valley, Lebanon March 28, 2017.

Lebanon has had to deal with the Syrian refugee crisis for the past six years. But it's struggling to manage it alone and will now ask for Brussels to lend a helping hand.

The number of Syrians looking for shelter in the town of Bar Elias has more than doubled the population to 100,000. Now the town has to deal with 40 extra tons of trash every day, in a country that already has a waste crisis.

"The presence of Syrian refugees complicated things. The landfill out there receives 60 to 70 tons (of garbage) daily that go untreated," the town’s mayor, Mawas Araji, said.

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