Libya announces UN-backed unity government

Libya announces UN-backed unity government aimed at delivering stability to country

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

UN Special Representative and Head of the UN Support Mission in Libya Martin Kobler (C, top) looks on as representatives of Libyan municipalities sign documents in support of Libya's new national government during a meeting in Tunis, Tunisia

Libya's Presidential Council has announced a new government of national accord aimed at uniting the country's two rival governments under a UN-backed plan.

The UN say the new government will deliver stability to the country which had been hit by a violent streak of unrest since long-time autocrat Muammar Gaddafi was ousted in 2011.

Libya is currently divided between the control of two rival parliaments, the General National Congress (GNC) in the capital Tripoli and the rival House of Representatives, operating from the eastern city of Tobruk, each backed by their own militias.

The new government will be led by Fayez Seraj, a lawmaker from the eastern parliament, known as the House of Representatives. He also heads the Presidential Council.

WIth the chaos in the country, the DAESH terrorist organisation has gained the opportunity to expand its power, taking control of the city of Sirte.  

EU foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini called the announcement by the Tunis-based council, tasked with overseeing Libya's political transition, "an essential step."

The deadline for naming the government had been pushed back by the Tunis-based council by 48 hours before the Tuesday announcement, while disputes over the distribution of ministerial posts were ongoing.

The document named a total of 32 ministers, including one female minister. Out of nine members of the council, only seven had signed the document.

The agreement was resisted by the two governments during a meeting in Malta in December, which consider it a risk to found a new government in Libya.

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