Libya’s rival governments sign declaration of principles

Libya’s governments based in both Tobruk and Tripoli, have signed long sought for declaration of principles, which is considered breakthrough in unifying peace talks

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Nouri Abusahmain (R), head of Libya's General National Congress (GNC), meets with Martin Kobler (L), United Nations Special Representative for Libya, in Tripoli November 22, 2015

Libya's parliament in Tobruk, has signed a declaration of principles with the General National Congress based in Tripoli, which is aimed at ending the conflict in Libya, Al Arabiya reported on Sunday.

The declaration forms a ten-person committee, naming an interim president and deputy, the news channel reported.

Further information was not disclosed, however the signed document represents a huge milestone in the Libyan peace talks.

Libya has been plunged in a violent streak of unrest since the ouster of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. Deep political divisions and tribal rivalry yielded two separate governments. Each boasts its own institutions and military capacities.

The Tobruk-based House of Representatives (HoR) in Tobruk is supported by the UAE and a General National Congress (GNC) that convenes in Tripoli.

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