Lindsey Graham: Obama responsible for Middle East turmoil

Republican congressman places responsibility for Middle East turmoil on current US president, instead of former president George Bush

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Republican congressman, Lindsey Graham, who is aspiring to receive his party's backing in the US presidential elections, wants to increase the American military presence in Iraq to confront ISIS and blames President Barack Obama - and not his predecessor George W. Bush - for what called “the mess in Iraq and Syria.”

Graham said, in an interview with CNN on Monday night, that the war in Iraq "was not a mistake," and that a ground invasion is the only solution.

"If I knew what I know today [Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction being a hoax] I would not have considered a ground invasion of Iraq a right solution"

“Late President, Saddam Hussein’s regime had a long record of violations and destabilised the security of the region,” Graham said, adding that it was necessary to remove him from power by using other means which he did not explain the nature of.

"At the end of the day, I cast responsibility for the chaos in Iraq and Syria on President Obama, not President Bush."

Graham criticised Obama's decision to pull all US military forces from Iraq in 2011.

“Increase the number of US troops to ten thousand troops in order to respond to the rising threat of ISIS," Graham suggested.

Lindsey Graham, along with the leader of the Republican Party - John McCain - are considered among the fiercest critics of Obama’s foreign policies.

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