Looters kill 75 Kenyan in a retaliation over cattle raid

Seventy five people die after four-day deadly attack due to cattle raid

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015


Kenya Red Cross reported 75 people have been killed in Kenya’s Northern region due to four days of cattle raid and following revenge attacks on Wednesday.

“Over the last four days close to 75 Kenyans have died. Is it worth it, and what for?” Kenya Red Cross chief Abbas Gullet said.

Suspected looters from ethnic Turkana attacked a Pokot village along the Turkana-East Pokot border, killing 54 Kenyans including five women and four children according to the police officials. Clashes also splattered in the nearby districts of Marsabit, Samburu and Baringo.

“There were 54 people who have lost their lives from these two communities of Pokot and Turkana… it is very sad,”  Gullet said.

Turkana gunmen retaliated after Pokot looters made a raid on their village on Monday , killing seven people and stealing 100 goats, according to the country’s officials.  

“In the 21st century, we can’t have Kenyans killing one another — especially these pastoralist communities who come from a very marginalised environment,” Gullet said.

As many as 350 residents have been evacuated from their homes by the violence, Kenya Red Cross Agency said.

Armed attacks at Kenya’s northern pastoralists are common in Kenya over cattle,water and pasture. They also clash with Kenyan security officials against detention of the villagers who got involved in the cattle raids. Twenty two police officers  were killed as they  traced cattle looters in November. Also 42 police officers shared same fate with others in November 2012.

Kenyan government attempted to launch an operation to disarm all nomadic tribes in the region and also signed a peace accord with regional politicians in January.

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