Millions of Ethiopians in need of food aid

4.5 million Ethiopians will need food aid due to shortage rain

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Estimates of those requiring help have surged by 1.5m, and donors must urgently provide an extra $230m to meet their needs, say UN agencies.

The Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UNOCHA), the World Food Programme (WFP) and the UN children's agency UNICEF said in a statement on Monday that Ethiopia needs an additional $230 million from donors to protect aid for 4.5 million people this year.

Ethiopia, an African country with a rapidly growing economy, is suffering from a drought that is resulting in a shortage of food supplies across the country of 96 million people. The failed rains have left a devastating impact on the shortage of food supplies is resulting in malnutrition.

“The belg rains were much worse than the National Meteorology Agency predicted at the beginning of the year. Food insecurity increased and malnutrition rose as a result,” said David Del Conte, Ocha’s acting head of office in Ethiopia in his statement.

The El Nino weather phenomenon’s warming of sea-surface temperatures in the Pacific Ocean, is now deep-roated and continues to strengthen as meteorologists warn. Furthermore, El Nino can lead to broiling weather across Asia and east Africa but heavy rains and floods in South America.

Sea-surface temperature malformations in the central Pacific Ocean are set to climb to their highest in 19 years, models indicated.

Ethiopia rains which is called ‘’kiremt’’ stretch from June to September and anomaly has more influence on it, UN warned.

“A failed belg followed by a poor kiremt season means that challenges could continue into next year,” said John Aylieff, WFP’s Ethiopia representative, in his statement.

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