Mine in Zambia turns town toxic

Local and governmental projects hope to offset the toxic effects in a town with one of the highest rates of lead pollution in the world.

Photo by: TRT World
Photo by: TRT World

The Zambian government recently launched a new project with a $60 million loan from the World Bank to help treat children affected by the lead and create jobs for young men.

A town in central Zambia has one of the highest rates of lead pollution in the world. 

The lead mine near Kabwe was shut down more than two decades ago, but lead in the soil is toxic and is reportedly causing learning difficulties in children. 

Many young men also scavenge the remains of the mine to sell the mineral on the black market, despite the ill effects on their health. 

The Zambian government has launched a project to address the health and economic concerns of those involved.

Local community workers also initiated projects to help clean up the soil around houses to help offset the impact of lead.

Mutuna Chanda reports for TRT World.