Mixed reactions to Egyptian court decision to execute Morsi

Egyptians display mixed reactions to court’s death penalty decision for morsi and 121 co-defendants

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Supporters of Egypt’s first democratically elected President Mohammed Morsi expressed their outrage against the court decision stipulating that Morsi and 121 co-defendants be executed on allegations of spying for the Palestinian group Hamas.

The National Alliance for the Defense of Legitimacy released a statement denouncing the verdict and calling for escalated opposition to the current Egyptian government responsible for the ouster and trial of Morsi and hundreds of other Muslim Brotherhood supporters.

The bloc also called for mass protests on July 3rd, the second anniversary of the military ouster of Morsi.

Mohamed Montasser, the spokesman of the Muslim Brotherhood, told Anadolu Agency that the death sentences against Morsi and his co-defendants was a major blow to the "first attempt to bring democracy to Egypt."

"We will maintain our revolution," he said in regards to upcoming protests.

Al Qaradawi mocks at death penalty

A leading Islamic cleric, Dr Yusuf Al Qaradawi, who was sentenced to death alongside Morsi scoffed at the Egyptian court’s decision on Saturday, sentencing 122 individuals to death.

“This judgment has no value and can’t be implemented because it is against law, both Islamic and man-made,” he told Al Jazeera Mubasher on Saturday evening.

He made fun of the court's decision because it gave a death penalty to people in “wholesale”.

“No-one will accept this verdict. It is against people. And who is this judge who has issued the ruling? No-one knows him. How can he sentence 130 people and then send his ruling to a mufti for endorsement? Who is this mufti?” asked Al Qaradawi.

“It is the right of the people to come out and rebel against injustice and tyranny [of Hosni Mubarak]” he added.

Sisi supporters hail decision

Tarek al Khouli, a lawyer and proponed to the administration of Abdel Fattah el Sisi which saw the disposal and trial of Morsi, hailed the decision stating that the defendants had “betrayed” Egypt and "pushed it toward destruction".

"Egypt, which had miraculously survived the evils of those pretentious Islamists before, will prevail in its current battle against them," he said.

Mohamed Hussein, the coordinator from the pro-Sisi Tamarod bloc praised the decision stating that "Today is a happy one for all Egyptians. Egyptians have waited for this ruling against these traitors for long."

The cases, like any capital sentence, will be referred to Egypt's top religious authority, the Grand Mufti, for an opinion before any executions can take place. The last trial will be held on June 2, after the Grand Mufti has the last word.

Death sentence recipients include Islamic scholar Yusuf Qaradawi, who currently resides in Qatar.

Regarding espionage charges for the Palestinian group Hamas, 16 others received the death penalty.

The Human Rights Watch (HRW) released a report on Sunday determining that the court which tried Egypt’s first ever democratically elected president Mohamed Morsi and the verdict it reached were “badly flawed.”

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