Mohamed Morsi sentenced to death

Egypt’s deposed president Mohamed Morsi receives death penalty along with 105 others

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

In the long awaited verdict for Mohamed Morsi’s second and third charges, the deposed Egyptian president received the death penalty on Saturday along with 105 others for breaking out of prison in 2011.

The cases, like any capital sentence in Egypt, will be referred to Egypt's top religious authority, the Grand Mufti, for an opinion before any executions can take place. The last trial will be June 2, after the Grand Mufti has the last word.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan harshly criticized the decision which sent Morsi and 105 codefendants to the Grand Mufti to consider the death penalty against them.

“Egypt has given a death sentence to an elected president with 52 percent of the votes, unfortunately,” Erdogan said.

“Egypt is returning to old Egypt.”

Death sentence recipients include Islamic scholar Yusuf Qaradawi, who currently resides in Qatar.

Regarding espionage charges for the Palestinian group Hamas, 16 others received the death penalty.

Prosecutors also assigned to the defendants charges of collaborating with "foreign organizations outside of the country," with the aim of "committing terrorist acts" inside the country, and "disclosing national secrets."

Ultimately accusing the Muslim Brotherhood of "committing acts which led to compromising the independence of the country, its unity and territorial integrity," courtroom said "investigations revealed the Muslim Brotherhood leaders are in close alliance with the Palestinian resistance movement Hamas."

Mohamed Morsi was the Egyptian president between June 2012 and July 2013, before he was deposed by a military coup orchestrated by current president and former army general Abdul Fattah el Sisi.

Since Morsi's ouster, Egypt has launched a relentless crackdown on opposition that has targeted Muslim Brotherhood members, as well as activists and secularist groups, leaving hundreds dead and thousands behind bars.

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