Molotov attack on Cairo nightclub kills 16

Molotov cocktail attack on nightclub in downtown Cairo, kills at least 16, wounds 6

Photo by: Social Media
Photo by: Social Media

The burnt nightclub in Aguza, Cairo. December 4, 2015

Molotov cocktail hurled at a nightclub in Cairo’s downtown Aguza district, killed 16 and injured at least 6, on Friday, Egyptian security officials said.

Security officials also said the assailant could be a former employee who was recently fired from the nightclub, and that the incident carries no political incentives.

Ambulance paramedics at the scene said the deaths were a result of suffocation, or being burnt to death. The club was also located on the ground floor, offering no escape routes.

Witnesses say there was more than one assailant, and they used guns as well as the molotov cocktail bombs. They also said they saw them traveling on motorbikes, carrying the molotovs, in the vicinity of the club.

Security sources say preliminary investigations of the club owner, reveal that disputes arose between him and a past employee the night before the accident, but that they did not expect such dramatic ramifications.

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