Mortar shell kills Saudi guard on Yemen border

Saudi Arabian Interior Ministry says Saudi guard patrolling on border with Yemen killed by mortar shell bomb

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The Saudi Arabian Interior Ministry said in a statement one of its border patrolling guard was killed by a mortar shell coming from Yemen side of the border according to the official Saudi Press Agency.

The Agency quoted the Ministry as saying that,  “Private First Class Gharbi Rajeh Al-Hasan Al-Majayshi, a Border Guard patrol leader, martyred today at a border post, affiliated to Jazan region, while on duty.”

Hence Saudi Arabia’s total casualties in the recent five week campaign against Yemen’s Iranian backed Houthi rebels has reached to 11 while civilian death toll increased approximately to 600 people, according the figures released by the United Nations.

The Saudi-led operation, dubbed as “Decisive Storm” was started on March 26 and maintained throughout April.

The Arab coalition has leaned its involvement by claiming that “defending the legitimate government” of the embattled President Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi who had been deposed in February through a military coup by Houthi forces.

The operation has gained an international acceptance in the Western realm and among the Sunni Arab regional powers together with Turkey whereas Iran and Russia essentially objected such an intervention.

The aforementioned Saudi-led coalition accuses Iran of “irredentism” over Yemen through supporting the Houthi forces, hereby, spreading “aggressiveness” in the Gulf region.

Saudi Arabia and its Gulf allies declared the end of aerial operation last week and committed more diplomatic solutions to the Yemen crisis.

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