Muslim Brotherhood claims Morsi medically neglected

Morsi feared to be medically neglected in prison, his defence team and Muslim Brotherhood leaders claim

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Politicians and analysts belonging to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood group expressed immense fears of an alternate scenario regarding deposed president Mohamed Morsi, in which the current government headed by former army general and now President, Abdel Fattah el Sisi would “get rid” of Morsi through medical negligence instead of the awaited execution.

Morsi was not able to attend his last trial, due to serious health problems, stemming from his diabetes. Morsi’s defence team expressed their concern for the deposed president’s absence, and said they’re trying their best to get a thorough medical examination to check on Morsi’s safety.

Prison doctors presented sufficient papers to the court proving Morsi’s deteriorating health conditions, due to very low levels of blood sugar, prison doctors advised against his presence in court.

Further details could not be confirmed over the exact state of Morsi’s health, or whether he’s getting sufficient medical care he’s entitled to.

Muslim Brotherhood leader speculate’s that Morsi’s health is in great danger due to a great deal of medical negligence.

Morsi is 63 years old, a former professor in Egypt’s Cairo University, and the University of Southern California. He claimed office Egypt’s first free democratic elections in June 2012. He was overthrown in a bloody military coup and has been on trial ever since, he received a death sentence for a prison break that occurred in 2011.

Mohamed Gamal Heshmat, a leader in the Brotherhood, who is coincidentally a physician, said Morsi’s absence is very alarming, the implications of very low blood pressure, and the ramifications of a neglected diabetic patient can potentially kill Morsi.

Morsi suffered a sharp decline in circulation, very low blood pressure and low blood sugar.

“You can google what a sharp decline in circulation causes to the body, you can even look it up in Wikipedia, apart from my point of view as a doctor, poor circulation harms the heart blood vessels such as the aorta, and is often fatal” said Heshmat in a facebook post.

“The overall decline is the sharp drop that occurs on a large scale in the body, such as a strong shock after the loss of a large amount of blood, the circulatory system consequently collapses”.

Heshmat said that the Egyptian Ministry of Interior has full responsibility if any harm befalls Morsi, especially the care Morsi receives is no means equal to that of the deposed president Hosni Mubarak.

Mubarak is 87 years old, and received excellent medical care during his trials, he is now acquitted of all charges pressed against him, in spite of all any evidence proving otherwise, his involvement in killing protesters in the Jan. 25 revolution, money laundry and corruption to ultimately upgrade personal properties has been overlooked entirely.

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