Muslim Brotherhood leader dies in Egyptian prison

Another leading Muslim Brotherhood figure dies in Egyptian prison because of inadequate or non-existing medical attention

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

A bulldozer is seen demolishing a Pro-Brotherhood Camp during dispersals by Egyptian Army in 2013 - Archive

Updated Sep 3, 2015

Muslim Brotherhood leader Hosni Diab died on Wednesday in a Cairo prison, due to apparent inadequate medical help for his liver cancer, where denied to be provided with the necessary medication needed to keep his life.

A security source confirmed that Diab had passed away at Abu Zaabal prison hospital in northern Cairo. However, there was no comment from Egyptian authorities on his death.

Egyptian anti-government opponents usually are susceptible to dying in detention camps, where they are kept in poor conditions, for long periods of time, lacking proper charges or prompt trials.

“Hosni Diab died in a prison hospital after his health had deteriorated,” defence attorney Khaled al Komi told Anadolu Agency. Diab has been in detention for two full years without a trial.

“He has been denied medicine by the prison authorities, leading his health to deteriorate,” he said.

“He was hospitalized a few days ago, but his health deteriorated and he passed away late Tuesday.”

According to Human Rights Watch, a total of 95 detainees died in Egyptian prisons last year alone.

The first senior Brotherhood leader to die this year was Farid Ismail, who was 58 years old, died on May 13 due to hepatic encephalopathy. Ismail’s family claims he had been denied hepatitis C medication and rushed late to a governmental hospital.


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