Nearly 20K barrel bombs dropped in Syria after UN resolution

Syrian watchdog documents death of more than 8,000 civilians by almost 20,000 barrel bombs dropped by Syrian regime since UNSC resolution 2139 was issued, banning usage of barrel bombs in populated areas

Photo by: Syrian opposition activist
Photo by: Syrian opposition activist

Remains of a barrel bomb dropped by regime forces on rebel-held areas

Updated Feb 25, 2016

According to the report documented by the Syrian Network for Human Right (SNHR ), no less than 19947 barrel bombs have been dropped by Syrian regime helicopters on different Syrian provinces since a UN resolution has been issued.

At least 8136 civilians including 2274 children and 2036 women, according to SNHR, were killed due to the barrel bombs attacks till the second anniversary of the UNSC resolution which was issued in 22 February 2014.

The UNSC resolution 2139 called for “immediately cease all attacks against civilians, as well as the indiscriminate employment of weapons in populated areas, including shelling and aerial bombardment, such as the use of barrel bombs.”  

The SNHR said that, “Through daily documentation concerning the use of barrel bombs used, SNHR found no difference before that the Security Council resolution was issued and after.”

Moreover, the report mentioned that several significant facilities were targeted with barrel bombs.

However, the report stated that barrel bombs were first notably used by the Syrian regime on Monday 1 October, 2012 in Silqean town in the northwestern province of Idlib.

The report described the barrel bombs as “These barrels are random weapons and locally made, since it is less expensive, causes massive destruction, and causes a great loss of lives.”

Usually a barrel could weigh a quarter of a tonne and it is full of metal pieces and explosives.

In January only, the SNHR documented more than 1428 barrel bombs being dropped which killed 22 individuals, including seven children and four women.

The war in Syria started in 2011 in the form of anti-government demonstrations, but descended into a civil war between five main factions - the regime, the opposition, Al Qaeda affiliate Nusra Front, DAESH terror organisation, and the YPG militants.

The UN estimates the death toll in Syria, since the war started as an uprise, to be at least 250,000, while the real number has now exceeded 400,000, according the report which were released by the Syrian Center for Policy Research on Feb. 10.

However, the war has killed at least 470,000 Syrians and injured 1,900,000 others which made up nearly 11.5 percent of the Syrian population, according to a report which was released by the Syrian Center for Policy Research on February 10. 

A further estimate of 350,000 refugees have sought asylum in European Union countries since the war began in Syria in 2011.

About four million others took refuge in neighbouring countries of Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Egypt, with Turkey hosting the largest group with over two million.

Thousands are still pushing towards EU countries which has caused a global refugee crisis, urging for an immediate solution in Syria.

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