Netanyahu: Israel is being attacked on two fronts

Israeli prime minister says his country being attacked on two fronts in international arena

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Israel will "vigorously oppose" the Palestinian proposal at the UN Security Council to set 2017 as the deadline for ending the Israeli occupation, noting that Israel is "being attacked on two fronts," said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

"It could be that the Palestinians will…submit to the UN Security Council their proposal to unilaterally force on Israel the establishment of a Palestinian state as well as other conditions that are unacceptable to us," Netanyahu said in a late Sunday speech at a Hanukkah event in Laturn, West Jerusalem.

"We expect the responsible elements in the international community to reject this proposal; in any case, we will vigorously oppose it and will, of course, not act in accordance with any diktat," he said.

Netanyahu also expressed that Israel was under attack on two fronts simultaneously.

"It is being attacked by the terrorism of Hamas and the other terrorist organizations. It is also under a diplomatic attack led by the Palestinian Authority," he said.

"Over the weekend we sent a clear message to Hamas – we are not prepared to countenance the firing of even one rocket and we are responding accordingly and in strength. We also have a clear message to those who are leading the diplomatic assault against us."

On Wednesday, Jordan filed a draft UN Security Council resolution in favor of setting a deadline for Israel to end its occupation of Palestinian land by the end of 2017.

Netanyahu said last week he had sought reassurances from Kerry that Washington would block separate efforts by Palestinians and Europeans to set a time frame for a Palestinian statehood.

The United States, which has a veto at the Security Council, has already indicated it finds the timeline in the Palestinian proposal unacceptable.

The Palestinians need nine of the 15 votes in the Security Council to pass the resolution, which would force the United States to decide whether or not to veto it.

Between July 8 and August 27, more than 2,100 Palestinians were killed in the Gaza Strip, along with 66 Israeli soldiers and seven civilians in Israel.

The UN says at least 2,104 Palestinian died, including 1,462 civilians, of whom 495 were children and 253 women.

Several thousands of Palestinians flew from their country because of the Israeli attacks on Palestine.

At least 990 Palestinian refugees have been killed throughout nearly four years of conflict in Syria, the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) said on Sunday.

The announcement came during a conference on Palestinian refugees' affairs at the Arab League's Cairo headquarters.

Representatives for the refugees' affairs committee of the Ramallah-based PLO said the organization had documented 990 Palestinian fatalities since the start of the Syrian uprising-turned-civil war in early 2011.

They also said other Palestinian refugees in Syria had also gone missing since the onset of the conflict.

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