Netanyahu says not too late to stop the Iranian nuclear deal

Israeli Prime Minister urges to abort nuclear deal between Iran and the world powers

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday that there is still time to stop a deal between world powers and Iran that he speculates would allow the country to develop nuclear weapons.

“It’s still not too late to retract the plan that gives Iran an agreement which will pave it a road to a nuclear weapon,” he said at a commemoration of the capturing of East Jerusalem in the six-day war of 1967.

Iran will finalise by a nuclear deal with the 5+1 world power countries - the United States, China, France, Britain, Russia, and Germany by June 30. The deal is intended to prevent Iran from developing a nuclear weapons programme in return for which international economic sanctions on the country will be halted.

"We oppose this deal and we are not the only ones," Netanyahu said. "It is necessary and possible to achieve a better deal."

Netanyahu urged US lawmakers in the US congress in March to approve new sanctions on Iran and not to implement the nuclear deal with Iran, which Israel considers a threat to its existence.

"The relationship between the US and Israel has always been bipartisan and we have been fortunate that politics have not been injected into this relationship," Susan Rice, US security Advisor, said with respect to Netanyahu's speech.

Netanyahu established the current Israeli government late on March 6th shortly before the deadline to form a coalition government, as he needed at least 61 seats to secure a majority in the Knesset.

US President Barack Obama said in the Camp David summit with Arab Gulf leaders Thursday that the deal with Iran will not affect relations between the US and their allies, the Arab Gulf States.

The Arab Gulf countries consider Iran to be a threat since it has influence in the countries of Yemen, Iraq and in Syria alongside Hezbollah in Lebanon. 

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