Nigeria’s Buhari to appoint new cabinet in September

Nigerian President Buhari says he won’t name new cabinet ministers until September

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Nigeria’s cabinet ministers will not be appointed before September, the country’s new president, Muhammad Buhari, said after being elected in May.

"Nigeria must first put new rules of conduct and good governance in place," Buhari said in an article published in the Washington Post on Monday.

Buhari expressed his intention to fight the militant group Boko Haram and exterminate corruption in Nigeria.

Buhari had previously vowed to eliminate Boko Haram after he was sworn in at the end of May.

Nigeria - alongside military coalition partners of Niger, Chad and Cameroon - has claimed successes in fighting Boko Haram since February, forcing the group’s fighters out of territory it used to control.   

Buhari met with US President Barack Obama on Monday, who endorsed the president’s struggle against the militant group and also his efforts to exterminate corruption in Nigeria.

Obama praised Buhari for his efforts to bring "safety, security and peace" to Nigeria despite economic difficulties and violence from Boko Haram.

The two leaders met in the White House in Buhari’s first visit after being elected last May, where they discussed the importance of good relations between their countries and ways they could work together against the militant group.

After being elected in May, Buhari replaced Nigeria’s defence chiefs and dissolved the board of the state oil company but has not yet appointed a cabinet, prompting questions from some in the Nigerian media.

"When cabinet ministers are appointed in September, it will be some months after I took the oath of office," wrote Buhari.

"It would neither be prudent nor serve the interests of sound government to have made these appointments immediately on my elevation to the presidency," he said.