Nusra calls rebels to intensify attacks on Assad strongholds

Leader of Nusra front provides bounty of 3 million euros for Syrian regime leader’s head in voice record posted online by Nusra’s media wing

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

In the first speech after his meeting with Al Jazeera, Abu Muhammad al Golani, the leader of Syria’s Al-Qaeda-affiliated Nusra Front, called all rebels to be unified against the “Russian offensive” which supports the Syrian regime and its leader Bashar al Assad.

Golani - in the voice record posted on Youtube - urged rebels to escalate the attacks on the strongholds of Assad in Latakia’s countryside in particular.

In his audio message, Golani accused the Syrian regime and Russia of coordination and cooperation with ISIS. He said they are targeting Assad opponents but not ISIS and the Russian intervention in Syria to save Assad from collapsing which is bound for failure just like the Iranians and Hezbollah.   

“The Systematic cooperation between Russia, regime and ISIS is obvious,” he said

On September, 30 Russia launched an intensified aerial campaign in Syria claiming its aim is to fight ISIS, but the US and rebels said the Russian airstrikes had targeted the positions of rebels but not ISIS.

“Few days ago, ISIS had captured wide swathes of Aleppo’s northern countryside at the same time when the Russian airstrikes were strikes rebel’s positions, then four days later ISIS had delivered those captured areas to regime forces.” he added.

Golani said, the Russians knows well that ISIS “does not threaten the regime as the areas it controls do not adjoin the regime's heartland. So it is not a surprise that it had begun its bombing of those brigades that directly confront the regime's forces."

At the end of his message, Golani offered a bonus of 3 million euros to the one who will kill Assad, and a bounty of  2 million euros to the one who will kill the leader of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrullah and guaranteed safety for the one who will do it.

“I announce a reward to the value of 3 million euros to whoever can kill Bashar al-Assad and end his story, even if he were from his people or his family." said Golani.

"I announce a reward for 2 million euros to he who kills (Hezbollah leader) Hassan Nasrallah, even if he were from his sect and people," he added.

The war in Syria started in 2011 in the form of anti-government demonstrations, but descended into a civil war between five main groups - the regime, the opposition, Al Qaeda affiliate the Nusra Front, ISIS, and the Kurdish YPG militants.

However with Russia supporting Assad, the war in Syria turned into much more of a global war than a civil war. 

The four-year-long has claimed the lives of more than 250,000 people, while it displaced half of the pre-war 22 million population of the country internally and in the neighbouring countries of Turkey, Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq and Jordan. At least 350,000 refugees have sought asylum in the European countries since the war in Syria began.

According to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), the Syrians are face to face with a humanitarian crisis as thousands of refugees lost their lives while trying to reach Europe.


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