Nusra Front starts to withdraw from northern Syria

Al Qaeda's Syria affiliate withdraws from northern Syrian villages near Turkish-Syrian border

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Feb 4, 2016

Al Qaeda's Syria affiliate Nusra Front has started to withdraw from positions near the DAESH-held territories in northern Syria.

According to Al Jazeera Turk, a commander for the Turkmen opposition group Sultan Murat Brigade told that “the Nusra Front have pulled out from the Harcel village located on the Turkish border and are getting ready to depart from the Havar and Delha villages.”

The Levant Front has reportedly taken over the village of Harcel as part of what is seen as the preparations for a comprehensive offensive against ISIS. 

Turkey and the US-led coalition forces have agreed to establish a DAESH-free zone in a 110-kilometre long area along the Syrian border between Azaz and Jarablus which will be about 60 kilometres deep into the Syrian territory.

DAESH-free safe zones

The Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu previously stated that Turkey and its allies have decided to prevent DAESH from holding onto territories in northern Aleppo, which would eventually result in the establishment of “safe zones” in northern Syria.

The Turkish Foreign Minister indicated that the refugees who stay in Turkey and the neighbouring countries could then be settled in the safe areas which will be cleared from DAESH.

Turkey had recently allowed the US-led coalition countries to use the Incirlik air base, which is located 100 kilometres from the Syrian border. 

The details of the agreement were sealed in a telephone conversation between the US President Barack Obama and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on July 22.

The Incirlik air base is located in Turkey's southern province of Adana and has been used by the US and NATO since 1958.

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