Orphans in Syria's Idlib could lose their home

Some 100 children who lost their parents in the Syrian war may be out on the streets if their volunteer-run orphanage is shut down due to a lack of funding.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

About half of the nearly five million refugees who have fled Syria are children, but eight million children remain in the war-torn country, according to the UN.

Tens of thousands of children have been orphaned by six years of war in Syria. Many have been displaced, and have no one to care for them.

A group of volunteers in northern Syria’s opposition-held Idlib province set up an orphanage to offer 100 children both a home and an education.

But without any financial support other than local donations, the orphanage is now at risk of closure.

"Thousands of other orphans outside can only wish to live in a place like this, a place where they can learn, play and forget the war that has spanned most of their lives," TRT World's Mikaela Barwick explains.

"But the staff here don't receive any funding and they're running out of money, and without support, these orphans will be at risk of being homeless, and alone, once again."