Outrage in Lebanon’s capital over fatal stabbing

Incident of killing man in busiest street in downtown Beirut shakes Lebanese people and raises questions about impunity

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

An outrage was sparked in the Lebanese capital of Beirut after a man was stabbed 15 times in the street in front of dozens of people after a fight broke out over a car collision, which raised questions about the impunity culture in the country.

About 200 people marched in Beirut’s Gemmayzeh Street on Friday to protest the killing which took place at the same street two days earlier.

The killing of the man, who was later identified as George al Reef, was filmed by a stander. The footage was published on social media showing Tariq Yatim, the perpetrator as George’s wife was screaming near them.

Lebanese military intelligence has arrested Yatim on Thursday, the army said in a statement.

According to reports followed the incident, several arrest warrants were issued in the case,but Yatim  was released from prison since he was connected to an influential businessman, as a local Journalist Dalal Mawad said, cited by Al Jazeera.

"The incident exposes the culture of impunity in the country. In this atmosphere, crimes like that are bound to happen,” she said

"Had Yatim been punished and serving a sentence in jail, this crime wouldn’t have happened and George would not have died."

Yatim had been involved in a nightclub shooting in Beirut in 2010 and in another attack against a school teacher, al Jazeera reported.


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