Palestinian family speaks after soldier's harsh treatment

Israeli soldier’s harsh treatment to Palestinian 12-year-old child with broken arm angers international community

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Palestinian child, Muhammad Bassem Tamimi, 12-year-old, who underwent harsh treatment by an Israeli soldier trying to arrest on Friday, in village of Nabi Saleh in the occupied West Bank near Ramallah, has appeared before the cameras.

Tamimi got off the arrest by the Israeli soldier with the help of his mother Nariman Tamimi, his aunt Manal Tamimi, and his sister Ahed Tamimi, 15-year-old, who is known with defying an Israeli soldier in 2012, and aunt Manal Tamimi.

The scuffle was recording with cameras that soldier chased Bassem Tamimi who was suspected to throwing stones to the IDF soldiers (Israel Defence Forces). The video shared on social media has reached 2 million views in a short time.

The Israeli soldier’s main aim was to arrest him, said Tamimi, adding “He was pinning on my whole body. I tried to throw him off but I could not,” Anadolu Agency reports.

Tamimi said that he shook off the soldier with his mother and sister's help, stressing “They can't dismay me. I will continue to protest until the end of occupation and the liberation of our country.”

Tamimi’s mother, who saved his son from the Israeli soldier said that she was not thinking anything but saving his son.

"Mothers can turn into a lion when they see any harm done to their children. I felt myself as I was going to lose my son when the Israeli soldier grabbed him harshly despite his broken arm. I don’t know how to express those moments,” she said.

Nariman Tamimi said that she has been detained five times, wounded several times and last year she was shot from the leg, she also lost her brother last year in weekly demonstrations in Nabi Saleh.

“Nothing can dismay us. I inoculated the spirit of resistance to my children too. I encourage them to attend the demonstrations,” Nariman said.

Ahed Tamimi, who gained the "Hanzala Award for Courage" by the president of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, in Istanbul, when her brother was taken into custody because of her reactions against Israeli soldiers, said that they did not fear Israeli soldiers.

She said “Their neither power nor weapons can scare us. They took my father and mother into custody. They beat us. They killed my uncle, and my aunt. We do nothing other than defending our homeland. They wanted to arrest my brother too. I couldn’t allow it. I was prepared to do anything.”

IDF soldier’s father proud of son's restraint

After the incident which occurred in Nabi Saleh near Ramallah, IDF soldier’s father said that he was proud of son’s conduct over 12-year-old Palestinian child.

The father Arnon told the Army Radio station on Sunday "We're very proud of what we've seen, we're proud of the restraint he exhibited, because if women would have been hurt it would have ended in a completely different way, without a doubt," Haaretz reports.

The father described the incident as an "unpleasant provocation," In the Army Radio interview. The father said that his son couldn't have known that it was a provocation saying, "it was no coincidence that there were people and photographers around."

The father was asked not to comment on the soldier's comrades' late reactions to the incident, as seen on the video.

Villagers of the Palestinian Nabi Saleh have been holding weekly demonstrations since December 2009. Villagers demand their terrain rights that are taken over by Israeli settlers be returned to them.


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