Palestinian father slams lack of justice in exoneration

Israel legitimates killing children ‘playing football’ by acquiting Israeli soldiers who targeted them

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Mohammed Bakr, who lost his 11-year-old child during a malicious attack on Gaza beach said on Friday he is outraged that Israel has closed the file without finding anyone culpable for their murderers.

“There is no justice in the internal investigation, we are counting on the ICC [international criminal court] and human rights,’’ he said.

‘’We are not afraid and we are confident we will win because the world is with us.”

After nearly one year,  the internal investigation was conducted on Thursday. The Israeli army announced the process used in the attack ‘’accorded with Israeli domestic law and international law requirements,’’ acquiting those responsible and claiming no one was found guilty.

“At the time that the decision was made, the attack was not, according to the assessment of the operational entities, expected to result in any collateral damage to civilians or to civilian property,” said Israeli army spokesman, Peter Lerner stated on Facebook.

The statement also said the Israeli army was closing the files on two other incidents, the July 21 attack in central Gaza killed 15 and injured more than 29,  the attack on Khan Yunis claimed the lives of civilians from the same family.

On July 16, 2014, Israeli forces targeted four Gazan children Mohammad Ramiz Bakr, 11, Ahed Atef Bakr and Zakariya Ahed Bakr, both 10, and Ismail Mahmoud Bakr, nine.

The children, living in a refugee camp in southern Gaza, had gone to beach to play football freely away from areas hit by air strikes before the inhumane attack.

Since then, the families of the Palestinian children have been waiting for justice, which possibly will never be established after the army’s internal investigation.

The New York Times’s Pulitzer prize-winning photographer Tyler Hicks, witnessed the brutal attack and wrote in a blog at the time: “A small metal shack with no electricity or running water on a jetty in the blazing seaside sun does not seem like the kind of place frequented by Hamas militants, the Israeli Defence Forces’ intended targets.’’

“Children, maybe four feet tall, dressed in summer clothes, running from an explosion, doesn’t fit the description of Hamas fighters, either,” he added.

Israeli forces started a devastating operation on the Gaza Strip last July.

At least 2,189 Palestinians were killed in the 50-day offensive on Gaza including more than 1,486 civilians, according to the UN estimates. On the Israeli side, 66 soldiers and six civilians were also killed.


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