Palestinian rivals Hamas, Fatah to meet in Qatar’s Doha

Palestinian rivals Hamas, Fatah to discuss reconciliation deal agreed upon in 2014 in Qatari capital of Doha

Photo by: Reuters (Archive)
Photo by: Reuters (Archive)

Members of Hamas and Fatah signing the reconciliation agreement in 2104.

Hamas and Fatah representatives are set to meet in Qatari capital Doha on Sunday to discuss implementation of a reconciliation deal signed in 2014 between the rival Palestinian movements.

"This meeting will aim to establish viable mechanisms for applying the reconciliation agreement," Hamas spokesman Sami Abu Zuhri in the Gaza Strip told Anadolu Agency.

The Hamas delegation, he said, would be headed by leading group member Moussa Abu Marzouq.

The Fatah delegation, meanwhile, is expected to be headed up by leading Fatah member Azzam al Ahmed.

The conflict between Hamas and Fatah, the two main Palestinian political parties, emerged in 2006 when Hamas won parliamentary elections. Hamas ousted the Fatah dominated Palestinian Authority from the Gaza Strip in 2007, which resulted in the current division.

Last week, Jamal Muhassan, a member of Fatah’s central committee, told Anadolu Agency that Fatah officials had recently held several informal meetings in Turkey and Qatar with their Hamas counterparts.

In April of 2014, Hamas and Fatah representatives signed a long-awaited reconciliation agreement that called for the formation of a Palestinian unity government tasked with overseeing Palestinian legislative and presidential polls.

Although the unity government was unveiled two months later, it has yet to take on a governing role in the Hamas-run Gaza Strip, while the relationship between Hamas and Fatah remains beset by a host of outstanding differences. 

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