Palestinians mark 50th anniversary of the occupation of Jerusalem

Palestinians wait for the day to call the city the capital of their future state, as Israelis celebrate “Jerusalem Day”.

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

In 1967 Palestinian homes were destroyed to make room for the plaza in front of the Western wall.

Thousands of Israeli nationalists took to the streets in a massive celebratory parade to mark fifty years of occupation in East Jerusalem on Wednesday. 

But for Palestinians, it is a day of mourning and destruction.

The Israeli army occupied East Jerusalem in 1967 after the six-day war. 

It later annexed East Jerusalem in 1980, in a move that is not recognised by the international community.

Thousands of Palestinian homes and sites were destroyed or demolished in the occupation. 

Palestinians await the day to call the city the capital of their state, as Israeli settlement on their lands and demolition of their homes continue.

TRT World’s Nicole Johnston reports from East Jerusalem.