Palestinians struggle to travel across Israeli checkpoint

Fifteen thousand workers pass through the checkpoint daily according to the West Bank Labour Association as Palestinian workers provide a cheap labour force for Israeli bosses.

Photo by: AFP
Photo by: AFP

Israeli borderguards and undercover police detain a Palestinian protester during clashes at the entrance of the occupied West Bank city of Bethlehem on May 19, 2017.

An Israeli checkpoint on the edge of Bethlehem is one of the daily struggles for thousands of Palestinians in the occupied West Bank.

Workers who have special permits to cross and work in Israel provide cheap labour for Israeli bosses.

The West Bank Labour Association reports 15,000 workers pass through the checkpoint daily.

"If you look here it's a terrible situation. The worker waits a lot of hours," Amin Jibril, a tea house owner said.

They have to endure a humiliating crush in this Israeli-controlled checkpoint to make it to the other side.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump will make the short trip from Jerusalem to Bethlehem on Tuesday to meet Mahmoud Abbas.

"The abnormality that we are living. The wall, the restrictions, all the factors of abnormality speak to itself. Speak to the others ... and that's what Mr. Trump while visiting Bethlehem is supposed to see," said Vera Baboun, the mayor of Bethlehem.

TRT World's Nicole Johnston was in Bethlehem to see how Palestinians are dealing with life under Israel's military occupation.