Parliamentary report: Maliki responsible for Mosul's fall

Iraqi parliamentary committee that investigates reasons behind fall of Mousul to ISIS finds Maliki and 38 other officials responsible for militants' advancement in and around Mousul

Photo by: AP
Photo by: AP

Iraq’s Prime Minister Haider al Abadi on Sunday called Iraq's parliamentary committee for dozens of security and political officials, including the former PM Nouri al Maliki, to be referred to court in connection with the fall of the northern city of Mosul to ISIS.

According to the report of the Council of Representatives of Iraq, that was seen by Reuters, in addition to Nouri al Maliki who holds vice presidency now, three more officials including former operational commander of Nineveh province.

Mosul Governor Atheel al Nujaifi, former acting defence minister Sadoun al Dulaimi, former army chief General Babakir Zebari and Lieutenant General Mahdi al Gharawi, Nineveh police commander Major General Khalid Hamdani and former Deputy Interior Minister Adnan al Assadi were also accused for the fall of the Mosul to the militant group.

The information regarding the questions of how Mosul - the capital of Nineveh province and second largest city - was lost to ISIS on June 10, 2014 and who gave the order for a withdrawal of Iraqi forces were not shared.

The parliamentary report established an investigating committee on the fall of the Mosul was approved by 16 out of the committee's 24 members of  the Kurdistan Alliance, Muhsin al Sadoun said.

The committee's final report will be sent to PM Abadi after it voted in  parliament on Monday, said committee member Mohammed al Karbouli.

Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al Jabouri said "no one is above the law and accountability to the people," by adding "the judiciary will punish perpetrators and delinquents."

After a week of clashes between ISIS militants, Iraqi forces and PUK, Mosul had fallen to the militants who also took hostage of 49 Turkish Consulate workers and three children. 


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