Pentagon: Khorasan leader Fadhli killed by air strike

Khorasan leader, Muhsin al Fadhli reportedly killed in US military air strike near Sarmada, Syria

Photo by: US State Department
Photo by: US State Department

Updated Jul 28, 2015

The leader of Khorasan, a militant group affiliated with Al Qaeda has been killed, the Pentagon said on Tuesday.

Muhsin al Fadhli, supposedly a ‘‘long-time operative for Al Qaeda’’ was killed in a vehicle by US military air strikes whilst travelling near Sarmada, Syria on July 8, said a spokesman for the pentagon

Pentagon spokesman, Jeff Davis said "Al-Fadhli was the leader of a network of veteran al-Qaeda operatives, sometimes called the Khorasan Group, who are plotting external attacks against the United States and our allies."

Davis also noted the significance of Fadhli as one of the few reciprocators of Osama Bin Laden who had prior knowledge of the Sept. 11 attacks and that the repercussions of his death will have a positive impact on US security, ‘‘degrading and disrupting’’ Al Qaeda’s strategies to attack the US and its allies.

Information about Khorasan was very limited until last September, when the US initiated air strike missions on Khorasan facilities.

The group’s leaders are believed to be comprised of senior members from Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

US officials claims Khorasan was plotting against the West.

The US State Department offered a $7 million ransom for information that may lead to the capture or death of Khorasan leader, Muhsin al Fadhli.


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