People across the world show solidarity with Aleppo civilians

Hundreds of demonstrators in Paris try to shine a light on the suffering of civilians still trapped in Syrian city.

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

People gather during a protest to show solidarity with the residents of Aleppo and against Assad regime forces, in Rabat December 14, 2016.

Updated Dec 16, 2016

People all around the world have been showing their support for those still trapped in eastern Aleppo.

Demonstrations have been held across the world to show solidarity with civilians in Aleppo and to protest against Russia and Iran, Syrian regime leader Bashar al Assad's main allies.

"This massacre is carried out by Iran, a country said to be Muslim. Tonight we are here at the Iranian consulate to protest this,” said Erdem Bas, a protester in front of Iran’s diplomatic mission in Istanbul.

TRT World’s Oliver Whitfield-Miocic reports.