Pistorius review board to meet over possible release

Parole review board to meet on September 18 to decide on Oscar Pistorius’s possible release

Photo by: Reuters
Photo by: Reuters

The on-going case of Oscar Pistorius will soon be on the review board, they are due to meet on September 18 to decide whether he will be eligible to be released following his early release date being canceled by the justice minister.

The justice minister said that Pistorius’s release after 10-months instead of the five-year sentence was too early without a legal bias to the initial five-years he was sentenced to.

After a media exposed trial, Pistorius was convicted of homicide, or manslaughter on allegedly killing his girlfriend in 2013. However, there is an appeal for his charge to be convicted of murder.

A day before the review board meets, Pistorius’ councils will file paper work against his appeal.

"We do understand that the parole [review] board will be sitting on the 18th of September. The date has been set," AFP news agency reports quoting a family spokesman.

Pistorius allegedly shot and killed his girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp in his house, while she was behind the locked door of his bathroom thinking that she was an intruder.

Pistorius has been trying to be put under house arrest to serve his remaining sentence.

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