PKK terror attacks kill 3 security officers in one day

PKK terror attacks kill three security officers in southeastern Turkey on Saturday as one soldier injured in previous attack dies

Photo by: AA
Photo by: AA

Image taken after a conflict between PKK and Turkish soldiers is seen.

Updated Jan 2, 2016

Terror attacks of the outlawed PKK claimed the lives of three more security officers on Friday, while a soldier who was previously injured in another attack died at the hospital he was taken for treatment, adding to the overall death toll of the PKK terror attacks. 

PKK is recognized as a terrorist organization by Turkey and as well as the US and the UK. 

More than 60 security officers and civilians have been killed since July 11 in PKK terror attacks, the date, its umbrella organization, Group of Communities (KCK) declared that it is bilaterally ending the ceasefire with Turkey and threatened Turkey with attacks. 

PKK terrorists launched an armed attack on a state hospital in Turkey’s southern city Sanliurfa on Friday, killing two police officers providing security for the hospital. 

Nazmiye police directorate in Turkey’s eastern district Tunceli, also came under fire by PKK terrorists on Friday. Following the attack, one police officer died, as the security forces launched a wide range air supported operation in the region in search of militants. 

A specialist gendarme, who had been admitted into the intensive care unit following a PKK terror attack on Aug.14, could not be saved despite all efforts on Friday. In that same attack, the PKK terrorists had killed three soldiers and injured six.

A major attack to an armoured police vehicle by PKK took place on Friday in Turkey’s southeastern district Mardin, when the militants used rocket propelled grenades to attack the vehicle, missing their target, they hit another vehicle on the road causing a big explosion and  resulting in 24 injuries including 10 policemen. The injured were taken to different hospitals in Mardin for treatment.

In Mardin, PKK terrorists also opened fire on a gendarmerie station at 6:30pm, slightly injuring a Turkish soldier.

The PKK terrorists also attacked a patrolling police vehicle in the district of Idil, in Sirnak province, with rocket propelled grenades and long range weapons. While no casualties were reported, an extensive operation was launched to capture the assailants.

In the meantime, three PKK terrorists which were involved in an armed attack on a police vehicle on Aug. 25 in Bingol, have been arrested on Friday.

Turkey has long been confronted with armed attacks throughout the country by PKK, which was founded in 1974 by Ocalan and his supporters.

Armed clashes and acts of violence have continued on and off for more than 30 years, and claimed more than 40,000 lives

PKK simultaneously inflicts harm on civilians and public properties

The outlawed PKK targets not only security officers but also many civilians and public properties in Turkey. In recent weeks, the PKK terrorists have destroyed many construction vehicles.

A group of PKK terrorists blocked a road on Friday in Turkey's southeastern city Van, and disembarked the passengers from their vehicles.

The militants also set five semis and two lorries on fire in Van and also in Turkey’s eastern district Agri.

A high-voltage transmission line in Sirnak came under PKK attack, during which militants detonated a bomb with remote control. While the line was heavily damaged, Turkish gendarmerie mounted an operation to seize the attackers.

In Sanliurfa, PKK terrorists  threw three improvised explosive devices at a Justice and Development Party (AK Party) building, damaging the building to a large extent. Security officers caught the two militants within a short time and took strict safety measures across the region.

The anti-terror branch teams from Turkey's southeastern district Batman, tried to stop a vehicle which was suspected of carrying PKK terrorists. The driver of the vehicle noticed the pursuit and escaped, abandoning the car.

The policemen safely detonated the bomb found in the car with a controlled explosion.

Also, in Diyarbakir police teams found a sack with improvised explosives. Explosives, apparently belonging to the outlawed PKK, were then taken in to be examined by the Turkish police.

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