Poland to train 50 Ukrainian military staff this year

Polish Ministry Defense announces Poland to train 50 Ukrainian soldiers this year as part of NATO campaign on Ukraine

Updated Jul 28, 2015

Poland will provide training to around 50 Ukrainian army instructors this year, the Polish Ministry of Defense said Tuesday, a part of NATO's efforts to boost Ukraine's defense capacity as it faces a pro-Russian rebellion in the east.

The Ukrainians will be trained in Poland, the ministry said in a statement, with the courses scheduled to take place in June, September and October this year. Other NATO countries will organize similar courses, the ministry also said.

Earlier this year, Britain said it would send 75 military personnel to Ukraine to help train its army.

Poland has been one of the most outspoken critics of Russian policy toward a pro-Russian separatist rebellion in eastern Ukraine, joining Western allies in accusing Moscow of supplying help to the insurrection -- something the Kremlin denies.